Craft Sour Cherry Beer - Cardinale

Craft Beer Made with Sour Cherry - cl 75

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Carmen, sour-cherry craft beer, is the edgy name we chose for this new product.

Amber-coloured, CARMEN is a top-fermented beer, unpasteurized.

Its natural re-fermentation in the bottle gives it a dense and creamy foam with pinky hints.

Its taste is fruity and characterized by strong sour-cherry scents and flavouring. 

This beer has a balanced scent and taste, in which the malt sweetness and the hops bitterness blend with the sour-cherry wine, creating a peculiar product taste, yet keeping the usual marks of a craft beer.

Alcohol Content
6,8% Vol.
Water, barley malt, Visciolata del Cardinale, sugar, hops and yeasts
Serving Temperature
Enjoying at 10/14°C is recommended. Hotter will enhance the aromas.
Content cl