Ammalia - the Cardinale's Acquavite

Sour-Cherry  Acquavite 50 cl.

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Ammalia is a unique spirit due to its preciousness and authenticity, because che quality products employed enriches it with balance and aromatic complexity.

Ammalia is colouring-free, its alcohol content is 40%: sipping it slowly is both and intense pleasure to the palate and an unforgettable sensation.

The color is clear and bright and the smell is strong: the almond scent of the sour-cherry stone stands out, enriched with ripen black cherries aroma.

The taste is smooth and enveloping, with a dry aftertaste that better enhances the sour-cherry scent, and a long-lasting taste persists to the palate.

Ammalia should be served in small smooth glasses in order to cherish its brightness. 

It can be paired both to dark and milk chocolate, however, its best employment is as meditative spirit.

Alcohol Content
40% Vol
Sour-Cherry and Grapes
Serving Temperature
13 - 16 °C
Content cl