CiocoAzteca Traditional Dark Chocolate Powder with Cinnamon in Cup - Rizza

Preparation for Chocolate in Cup

For a Refreshing Summer Drink

For a Special Chocolate Pudding

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Formati confezioni

From Aztec origin, the drinkable chocolate of Antica Dolceria Rizza is produced according to the eighteenth-century recipe, introduced in Modica town by the Spaniards. 

In the past prepared dissolving 25 grams of the traditional chocolate bar, today, to facilitate the preparation, it is proposed in powder form, even in the single-dose sachet.

The chocolate produced in the workshop of Antica Dolceria Rizza is: Gluten Free - Lactose Free - No Fat Added - Lecithins Free.


Cocoa paste, sugar, cinnamon, cornstarch, natural flavours.


To keep the unchanged fragrance, before and after the opening, place the product in a cool and dry place but not in the fridge. 


It may contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts.

Energy value
482 Kcal - 2021 Kj (100 g of product)
26.0 g (saturated fat 16,4 g)
Total Carbohydrate
55,2 g (sugars 50,1 g)
6,0 g
Dietary fibre
9,5 g
0,00 g