360ItalyMarket is the House of Italian Delicatessen.

360italymarket.com was born with the aim of offering its customers refined high quality products that come from small local productions that represent the true tradition and typicality of the Italian food product.

360ItalyMarket also allows small producers and artisans of Italian food and wine to be able to make their products known and sold even outside their home territory, enhancing the delicatessen they produce and that 360ItalyMarket selects for its customers.

360ItalyMarket selects and controls the products that are offered through a process that verifies the origin of the raw materials and ensures that the productions take place in accordance with the processes of sustainability and attention to the resources of the Earth.

360ItalyMarket seeks quality and tradition by offering them to customers all over the world through the D2C (Direct To Consumer) business model whereby the products arrive to the customer directly from the manufacturer without suffering delays in storage in the warehouse.

This model allows customers to feel in a friendly environment in which it is possible to place their trust and in which it is possible to find the quality and typicality of Italian agri-food productions.

360ItalyMarket is committed to the continuous search for new producers and new specialties that can rarely be found in large-scale distribution circuits, precisely because of their uniqueness and refinement.

Join the 360ItalyMarket community to feel at ease in the House of Italian Delicatessen.