360ItalyMarket is the Home of Italian Delicatessen.

The 360italymarket.com portal was created with the aim of allowing small food producers and artisans to be able to introduce and sell their products even outside their own territory, enhancing the excellence they produce and that 360ItalyMarket selects for its customers.

The business model that 360ItalyMarket adopts is the innovative D2C (Direct To Consumer), meaning that the customer receives the products ordered directly from the manufacturer, eliminating storage and dead times in warehouses other than the production one, avoiding long product stays within the delivery chain: this allows the customer to receive the product intact in its original quality and full of its freshness, attributes that are fundamental for a food product.

The 360italymarket.com portal is constantly growing and intends to offer a wide range of products starting from artisanal pasta, up to the most unknown products of excellence in all the territories and regions of Italy.