Extra Fig Jam - Giorlando

Gluten Free

Produced from Organic Farming

Jar of 200 gr

Tax included 3 working days in Italy

The jams of Azienda Agricola Giorlando are handmade with seasonal fruit grown in their farm.

The jams are produced using three ingredients: fresh fruit (strictly selected and in season) sugar and lemon juice (as the only natural preservative).

No gelling agents, preservatives, acidity regulators or dyes are used.

The fruit grows and mature in the orchards of the Giorlando farm where there is a unique microclimate, under the hot Sicilian sun.

As soon as they are harvested from the tree, after a careful selection, the fruits are brought to the artisan laboratory for processing.

All the entire processing is made in an artisanal method without using of industrial machinery: cleaning and cutting in quarters of the product. Only after these steps does jam cooking begin.

Once the jam is ready, it is stored in glass jars and pasteurized. Once cooled the jars are removed from the kettles, cleaned and finally labeled.

The jams thus prepared in this way preserve the smell and the taste of the product of the past.

Since the production follow the seasonality of the fruits, the quantities are limited.


Figs (origin: Sicily), Sugar, Lemon Juice.


Storage: 2 years, if the product is kept in perfect storage conditions, ie in a dry place, temperature not exceeding 20 °C, hermetically sealed, vacuum-sealed and protected from light.

The opened jar must be stored in refrigerator at an temperature of 4 °C and consumed within 10 days.

Energy value
816 jk - 192 kcal
0,5 gr (saturated fat 0,1 gr)
Total Carbohydrate
46 gr (sugars 42 gr)
0,8 gr
Dietary fibre
5,5 gr
0,003 gr