Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biological - Tenuta Lacerno

Frantoio e Moraiolo variety

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Moraiolo oil has a full, harmonious taste, of medium-intense fruity, with a good spicy and bitter component and olfactory sensations of artichoke and green tomato.

Strong, tasty and elegant at the same time.

The combination with Frantoio oil gives it greater elegance, making it less hard, less spicy and more adaptable.

The combination is golden yellow with green reflections, very full-bodied, at a first visual examination highlights the balance between sweet and spicy nature, giving us a pleasant persistence in the mouth.

This oil has remarkable longevity and is very suitable for raw seasonings, bruschetta, grilled meats, savory roasts and soups; less for fish or delicate boiled vegetables.

It has one of the largest contents in polyphenols, which are "arterial scavengers" since they fight cholesterol and free radicals.