San Cristiano Casal Pilozzo

Red Wine of Ageing - 75 cl

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The vineyard of San Cristiano extends for 1,3 hectare of hillside land, exposure North/East, at an altitude of 400 metres. The grapes are carefully harvested by hand and vinified separately. The fermentation of the must is temperature controlled, leaving the skins in contact with the fermenting juices for several days. The remontages in this phase are frequent, to ensure a better extraction of the fruit. The soft pressing of the pomace is followed by another slow fermentation. Only after this stage the blending takes place, and the two wines complete the fermentation together gaining in harmony right from the start. The San Cristiano then undergoes a maturation in a new barriques. After three months of barrique maturation, the wine is bottled and left to mature in our tufa soil caves, at the naturally constant temperature of 15 °C for a further six months prior to release.

The San Cristiano is a full bodied red wine, where the alluringly floral character of the Pinot Noir dominates the richly textured Cabernet Sauvignon. The intensely fruity taste and the generous but noble tannic structure, are the bid for San Cristiano's long ageing potential. 

We recommend to serve San Cristiano at 18 - 20 °C with creamy but intensely flavoured cheeses, spicy dishes and legumes soups. Ideal also with red meats and game.

Alcohol Content
12,5% vol
Grape Varieties
Serving Temperature
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