Sant'Andrea PDO Rice Baraggia - Guerrini

Baraggia Rice of Biella and Vercelli Provences

Package of 1 Kg

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The S. Andrea Rice of Baraggia is undoubtedly the most typical rice PDO Baraggia Biella and Vercelli. Until a few years ago it had grown by 85% only in Baraggia and then was one of rices that gave the paternity to the Protected Designation of Origin. A less known that the other rice Carnaroli and Arborio, but because of its excellent price-quality ratio is a rice which is much appreciated. 

It has features like a medium grain (neither big not small), with a lot of starch, therefore suitable for creamy risotto (being careful to cooking), but even more is a rice soup, rice balls, rice cakes, in short, for all those recipes in which the rice must "bind" a lot.


Soups, pies, rice cakes, sweets, arancini.

Energy value
332 Kcal - 1389 Kj
less than 0,5 g (saturated fat) 0,1 g
Total Carbohydrate
80,4 g (sugars) 0,2 g
6,7 g
Gluten Free
Cooking time
14-15 min. (boiled rice) - 18-19 min. (risotto)
0,01 g
Presence of Allergens
1.000 gr