Visciolata del Cardinale

Visciolata del Cardinale

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The Visciolata del Cardinale is a typical drink of the Marche region and is produced with respect to the rural tradition: it derives from fine grapes, sour cherries and sugar, based on an old recipe dated back to mid '800. 

The long production cycle with a particular process make it a unique and invaluable meditative wine to be enjoyed together.

The Visciolata should be served in small glasses at 13-16°C at the end of the meal, pairing with tarts, vanilla or chocolate desserts, panna cotta and, mainly, with dry pastries.

Its colour is cardinal red and smells like a fruity bouquet, its taste is sweet and enveloping, with a dry aftertaste and a clear hint of sour-cherry; the olfactory persistence is pleasant and lasting.

With Visciolata you can make particular happy-hour drinks and cocktails!

Alcohol Content
14% vol
Grape Varieties
Montepulciano & Cabernet Sauvignon.
Wine, Sour Cherry and Sugar
Total Sugar
120 gr/lt
Serving Temperature
13 - 16 °C