Chocolate of Modica IGP 70% Equador - Rizza

Dark Chocolate of Modica 

Bar of 100 g

Tax included 3 working days in Italy

The chocolate of Modica, that has become internationally knows, has its roots around the '700: where the Spanish "conquistadores", who have learned from the Aztecs, and passed the art of this traditional chocolate in the County of Modica, and due to the merit of the master craftsmen who had been able to keep over the years the production of this particular chocolate, which has never dimmed over time, and made unique for its organoleptic characteristics, its naturalness, its unmistakable flavor.

Its uniqueness is in the ancient process, which is still used today, takes place at low temperatures (40/42 °C) starting from the cocoa mass obtained by grinding cocoa seeds without depriving them from the cocoa butter and without the addition of other fats, the mixture obtained is blended with caster sugar and, depending by the flavor, spices or dried fruit are added.

The opaque appearance with a whitish patina and the presence of sugar crystals do not affect the product quality but are characteristics that defines its originality. This is due exclusively to the "primordial" processing at low temperatures, which no further refining processes needed, thus preserves quality, that order types of chocolate do have not.

Modica chocolate produced in the workshop of Antica Dolceria Rizza is: Gluten Free - Lactose Free - No Fat Added - Lecithins Free.


Cocoa paste (mono-origin Equador), sugar.


To keep the unchanged fragrance, before and after the opening, place the product in a cool and dry place but not in the fridge. 


It may contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts.

Energy value
514 Kcal - 2153 Kj (100 g of product)
36,4 g (saturated fat 22,9 g)
Total Carbohydrate
37,3 g (sugars 30,1 g)
8,4 g
Dietary fibre
13,3 g
0,00 g
100 gr